Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel

We stayed at Bahi Ajman Palace while we were in Ajman.


The rooms were lovely. We made sure we asked for a pool facing room at reception, that way we were looking down at the pool and the sea from our room. The room had a little balcony with a chair so you could sit outside if you wanted to, it’s just a shame the balconies were too small for two chairs. The bathroom was a good size as well and had a really big shower in it. This hotel did not have a hairdryer in the room, I don’t know if I could have called down to reception to get one, as I decided to just let my hair air-dry while we were here. The rooms all had a safe as well as an iron and ironing board, which was really handy since we were living out of our suitcase while in United Arab Emirates because we were only staying at each hotel 2 nights.


This hotel probably had the most choice at breakfast out of all the hotels we stayed at while we were in United Arab Emirates. The food was lovely, and one morning when we walked down to breakfast, Phil’s parents were already there, as soon as the staff saw us talking to them as we walked in they offered to push 2 tables together so we could all sit together. We also had dinner at this hotel one night, we went for the Iftar buffet and the food was absolutely lovely. There was plenty of choice and they even made some things fresh there and then like curries. There were loads of different foods: pasta, spring rolls, curries, fish.. Anything.



The staff was lovely. We had to call down to reception when we first arrived at the hotel because the card-holder-thingy on the wall for the key-card was making a strange noise, and they sent someone up straight away. Normally we bring our own luggage up to the room when we go to the hotel, but the staff was insistent so we let them bring the cases up for us, what I didn’t realise until the porter brought the cases up was that I had left my purse with the money by the pool, so I wasn’t able to give him a tip. Luckily the porter just dropped the case off and left. At some hotels they would basically be pausing and hinting to get a tip.


The pool was lovely and big, there are plenty of sunbeds, most of them on the grass between the pool and the beach. There is not enough parasols, but you can get some shade under the palm trees. The sea was lovely and warm, there was some seaweed which made the water look a bit murky in places, but it wasn’t the long type of seaweed that gets wrapped around your legs, it was just loose and soft so once I was actually in it it didn’t really feel any different than just walking on the sand. The sea is lovely and warm as well.


We didn’t walk around the area a lot but there is a little shop across the road for snacks, which was nice as it was open even though it was Ramadan when we were there. There is also a couple of restaurants across the road. Getting a taxi to Dubai Mall was about 40 minutes, I was quite surprised as it is in a different Emirate, but it was nice to be able to get there in a relatively short time. This hotel is a dry hotel so there is no alcohol served, but right next door there is the Fairmont Ajman where you can get a drink if you want it, and there is a beach bar between the hotels for a drink in the daytime.

If you are looking for a holiday in the Emirates where you can just relax by the pool and sea I would definitely recommend Bahi Ajman Palace, it’s a lovely hotel and you can still get in to Dubai if you want to. The only thing I will mention is that I don’t know how easy it is to get to Dubai if you want to catch public transport instead of a taxi, because there was 6 of us travelling it was cheaper for us to get a taxi, about 100AED.


Distance From Dubai Mall: 40 minute drive

Distance from Dubai airport: 30 minute drive

Distance from Aquaventure water-park: 55 minute drive

Hairdryer in the room: No

Iron in the room: Yes

Safe in the room: Yes

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