TIME Grand Plaza Hotel

While we were in Dubai we stayed at TIME Grand Plaza.


The rooms were spacious and clean, there was a decent size wardrobe to put clothes in and a good size bathroom. The rooms all had a safe and hairdryer as well as an iron and ironing board, which was really handy since we were living out of our suitcase while in United Arab Emirates because we were only staying at each hotel 2 nights. We had a room facing inwards, so instead of looking out at the surroundings we looked down at the atrium, which was nice enough.


The food was nice, not as much choice but enough that we all found something to eat. They made omelettes to order at this hotel also. The hotel isn’t very big so they don’t have as many tables as the hotel we stayed at in Abu Dhabi (Grand Millennium Al Whada), but there were enough.


This hotel has a rooftop pool. There is not enough parasols, so by the time we got up there on the first day, all the parasols had been taken, so we were all laid in the sun, roasting, but to be fair we only spent time up by the pool on the first day while we were waiting to check in. The pool is a decent size, and it’s really nice and comfortable temperature. They also have a smaller pool, which I expected to have cold water in it, because it was in the shade, but it was actually HOT water. I don’t know how anyone was able to get in it!


TIME Grand Plaza is very close to Dubai Airport, but we didn’t really hear many planes or anything, which I expected when I saw exactly how close it was. If you are travelling alone or as a couple and you want to take the monorail to get anywhere, there is a monorail station just up the road from the hotel. We took a taxi to the centre of Dubai a couple of times, which only took 15-20 minutes. There is no bar serving alcohol at the hotel, but if you turn right as you exit the hotel there is Dubai Grand Hotel a little bit further down the road, on the other side of the road, and they have a sports bar serving alcohol.

Top tip if staying at Time Grand Plaza Dubai: If you go anywhere and you need to get a taxi back to the hotel, bring the little folder that your room card comes in! It has the address of the hotel on the back of it. Every time we were getting a taxi back to the hotel none of the drivers knew where the hotel was so we had to show them the address.

Distance From Dubai Mall: 15-20 minute drive

Distance from Dubai airport: 10 minute drive

Distance from Aquaventure water-park: 40 minute drive

Hairdryer in the room: Yes

Iron in the room: Yes

Safe in the room: Yes

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