Grand Millennium Al Whada

While we were in Abu Dhabi we stayed at Grand Millennium Al Whada.


The rooms were spacious and clean, there was a decent size wardrobe to put clothes in and a good size bathroom. The rooms all had a safe and hairdryer as well as an iron and ironing board, which was really handy since our clothes had all gotten a bit creased in the suitcase.


The food was nice, the staff made omelettes to order and there was plenty of choice and also plenty of tables. As we went during Ramadan, this is the quiet season so I don’t know how busy it gets during the winter months.


The staff was really nice and friendly, and really helped us out when it came to travelling to Ferrari Wold. We had been planning on catching a bus or something as we figured this would be cheaper, but the concierge pointed out that a bus pass would be at least 35AED each, but for a taxi it would only be around 90AED for all of us if we shared a 7-seater taxi. Not to mention a lot quicker!


The pool at the hotel was closed while we were there for maintenance, but it looked ok. It was only a small pool at the top floor. It looked like it would be quite pleasant actually as it had a roof over it so it was in the shade along with the sunbeds (can you still call them sunbeds if they are permanently in the shade?), but the “room” was open on the sides so you still got the heat from outside. It gets so warm in the sun, that it would be nice to just lay and enjoy the heat without having to worry about getting sunburned. There is also a bar next to the pool, but it wasn’t open when we had a look around so I don’t know what that’s like.


The hotel is connected to Al Whada Mall by a passageway on the 3rd floor. The passageway was nice and clean and felt very safe to walk through, it was about a 2 minute walk through the passage from the hotel to the Mall. There is also a bar where you can get alcohol, right next to the main entrance to the hotel, just turn left as you exit.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know how central it is in relation to things in Abu Dhabi, as we arrived in the middle of the night, we only had one full day in Abu Dhabi, which we spent at Ferrari World, and we left for Dubai around 8.30am the day after. So I didn’t get to see Abu Dhabi itself and we didn’t explore the area surrounding it, other than Al Whada Mall

I would recommend staying at Grand Millennium Al Whada if you are in Abu Dhabi, although like I said earlier we didn’t explore the surrounding area while we were staying there, so other than the Mall we don’t know what is there. But if you are going to Ferrari World or anything else on Yas Island, this is only a 30 minute taxi ride away.

View from the room

Distance From Ferrari World: 30 minute drive

Distance from Abu Dhabi airport: 30 minute drive

Hairdryer in the room: Yes

Iron in the room: Yes

Safe in the room: Yes

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