UAE Day 7 – Last day

The RSD travel guide did try to sell us a trip to Oman for today, and although I would have loved to go and see another place he did explain that all the trip was is; a drive to a boat and then all day on a boat before you go back to the hotel again, so we decided against it as we wouldn’t really see that much. It might be nice to go to Oman another time though.

Instead we had another lie in today. We are not being picked up by the coach to go to Abu Dhabi airport until 7.30 tonight, so as long as we check out before 12 the hotel is happy. Today when we went to breakfast Jackie and Phil Sr was already there so we sat down next to them, and 15 minutes later Paul and Ellie turned up as well so we all ended up having breakfast together without having planned it.

Jackie and Phil Sr had already reserved sunbeds for all of us again, so after breakfast we put our toiletries and clothes for travelling separate from the rest of our luggage and got checked out. This way we can spend the day by the pool and sea again and just have a shower and get dressed before the coach picks us up, while still leaving our suitcases with the concierge. So this is what we did.

The coach picked us up at 7.30pm, we had gotten showered and dressed in plenty of time, so we had been sitting in hotel reception for at least an hour by this time just passing time. To get to Abu Dhabi airport it took roughly 2 hours, so Phil and I watched the new Jumanji film on his tablet.

I was surprised at how small the part of Abu Dhabi airport that we were flying from was. It has been a long time since I went to Abu Dhabi airport, and that time it was just a stop-over on my way to Australia, but I’m sure the airport was bigger… Unless I’m getting it mixed up with one of the other airports I’ve been to. That being said, the airport had what we needed, there is two floors, duty free is downstairs and then some fast food joints and little shops upstairs, everything is in a circle in the middle, and then there are branches leading you to different gates.

And then we went home…

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