UAE Day 6 – Dubai Mall again

We had a nice lie in today for the first time on this holiday. We hadn’t made plans to eat with anyone for breakfast but happened to bump into Paul and Ellie in the lift, so we had breakfast with them. As we were sat eating Jackie and Phil Sr walked past us. They had already eaten and also gotten sunbeds for everyone. We had breakfast and then enjoyed the sea and pool for a few hours, with no incidents this time, before we headed to Dubai Mall for the evening.

The taxi to Dubal Mall from Ajman was only around 100AED, which I though was quite surprising since we are in a different Emirate, but I’m definitely not complaining.

We ate at the Rainforest Café today. The food was ok, nothing special. But at least we’ve tried it.

After we ate we split up into couples and walked around the Mall to do some shopping. I found myself a new Pandora charm, a camel. Phil saw a lovely Puma jacket, but sod’s law they didn’t have his size. We must have gone into every store that might have sold it, including the Puma store of course, and not a single one of them had it in stock or in his size.

Since the last time we were in the mall, they had replaced one of the divers in the waterfall with Deadpool!

I feel like I am finally starting to know where I am in Dubai Mall and I can find my way a lot easier. So when we met back up with everyone, Ellie and I walked ahead of the rest of the group to get to the fountains in time for the next show. Since we watched the show while eating at Carloccio’s a few days ago we had both wanted to watch it again with a better view. We got to the fountains 5 minutes before the next show started so we quickly got a soft serve ice cream each to eat while we watched the show. It wasn’t the best ice cream I’ve ever had, it was a lot more “watery” than the soft serves back home. I don’t know if maybe there is less dairy in it here than back at home due to the heat? It was ice cream though, and it was ok, it just wasn’t what I expected.

When we were trying to find the taxis again to get back to the hotel there were some blokes that were trying to get us into 2 5-seater Lexus’, but of course we wanted 1 big taxi, they weren’t the normal white and orange taxis that we normally take, so we walked away. Just be wary of these guys, they want a lot more money than the normal government taxi’s. We did find the normal taxis just a little further down the hallway and they had a big 7-seater that we could get in and get back to the hotel.

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