UAE Day 4 – Aquaventure waterpark and The Walk Jumeirah

We caught a taxi from the hotel to Aquaventure Waterpark today. The waterpark is at Atlantis hotel on the end of The Palm Jumeirah, I would have loved some more time there to explore the palm, as driving through the middle of it you didn’t really see it properly, although I’m not sure if you can just wander around or if you have to be staying at one of the hotels there to gain access to it… But then again, I guess you would get the best view of the palm from above, so it would probably be even better if I could go in a small plane or helicopter.

Just like roller-coasters I am a little bit scared of water slides, not as much, but they still terrify me, especially the ones that are quite high up or have sharp drops, I worry I am going to go over the edge. But I decided to be brave again, and the only one I didn’t go on was the one where you go into a pod and then the floor gives out underneath you! Yikes! Makes me feel a bit sick with worry just thinking about it! Paul, Ellie and Phil went on that one and loved it.

I really like the layout of the waterpark, a lot of the slides comes out into the lazy river, and the lazy river has different branches to it, so you can just float into the rapids or onto a conveyor belt which took you to the start of a couple of slides again. Just make sure you lift you bum up so the slides or conveyor belts doesn’t scratch you.

Before we left the UK for this holiday we all went to the water sports section in Decathlon and got some water t-shirts with SPF50 in them, I’m glad we did because it meant that we didn’t have to worry about topping up with sun cream on our shoulders and backs all day with being in water. I am glad we bought them and wore them, Paul took his off halfway through the day and ended up getting sunburned.

Another thing I am glad I brought was my flip-flops, normally I just wear sandals and leave them in a locker while I’m in the park, I say normally I’ve only been to a waterpark once before that I’m aware of. The ground was absolutely scorching hot! A man ran past me at one point with no shoes on and said he was willing to give me £100 for my shoes, he was running from shade to shade to keep cool. I was doing the same in the one tower where we had to leave our shoes at the bottom rather than take them on the slide with us, so when we came off the slide on the other side of the tower we had to run around to get our shoes back.

There is also a lovely beach attached to the waterpark, it’s the first time I’ve been able to go in the sea since we arrived. The sea is like a bath, just like to pool was. I could just walk straight out and not worry about the water being cold or anything. I could spend all day in that sea. While we were at the beach we found some shade under some palm trees and everyone else fell asleep. I didn’t have my phone or watch at that point because I had put it back in the locker so I didn’t realise what time it was until everyone woke up again and we had to get going because the park was about to close.

For dinner we decided to go back to Jumeirah, not on the palm this time but just before the palm island starts, it’s called “The Walk” and we had heard that it’s quite nice there. And it was, it’s a really nice area, I wouldn’t mind staying in that area if we ever go to Dubai again. Because it is transfer day again tomorrow we didn’t explore as much as I would have liked, by the time we got to Jumeirah it was already quite late. I don’t think we have ever decided on a place to eat so quick before. Paul spotted a Cheesecake Factory and we all decided to go there. I’ve heard of the Cheesecake Factory before on the Big Bang Theory, but I’ve never actually been in one. The waitress walked us past the cake stand before we sat down at our table and we all decided we would definitely have dessert here after dinner. Then the food came… The portions were MASSIVE! I didn’t even finish my food, which doesn’t happen very often. The food was really lovely, there was just a bit too much of it. Phil Sr was the only one to finish his meal. Jackie was set on having a slice of cheesecake, so we all ended up sharing one piece, and it was lovely, but there is no way I would have been able to have more than a couple of bites, unless I just didn’t eat any food before I had the cake.

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